Create Your Best Self

Don’t leave your life up to chance- Design it! Make it what you want it to be, create your best self.

Have you ever seen an Artist painting a portrait? The Artist is you and the canvas is your future. It is up to you to design it how you want, and the best thing about this, you can re-design it if you don’t like your current design.

Welcome to WHY4Change

We write for those who are ready for a change!

 Our aim is to ignite your passion for living full and in your purpose. WHY4CHANGE is a place to change the way you look at all yourself so that your circumstance can be changed. It’s a place to receive inspirational messages on personal devepment. I want you to breakthrough and be free again. I want you to live your life with meaning!

You were designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness.

Zig Ziglar



WHY4change is a movement whose mission and vision are devoted to inspiring change in young kids, teenagers, young adults and also mature adults, who may have been programmed by social condition to accept mediocrity and cultural norms. Enabling a call to action, maximising potential and creating a brighter future.

If you believe you have more within you and you want to have someone who believes strong in personal development to help you, I would like to hear from you. 

If your child needs a boost in self -esteem. If he/she has been bullied( leading cause for suicide) and believe no one loves them. Let me help him/her.

If you are depressed and just need to talk, let me talk to you. Remember no problem is worth your life.

I will be developing a program that systematically creates a mindshift, thus maximising one’s potential.

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Products coming soon… stay tuned!